Tuesday 21 October 2008


Going back to the relationSHITS blog...I have news, some of you might say: as expected!

I have ended the pseudo-relationship I had with him last night. I feel somewhat sad but relieved. No longer have to worry about contact or lack of.

His argument was quite clear – we have to wait until we meet in the flesh to be able to decide whether we can start something together. He is so obviously worried about physical contact; his exact words I believe were “what if you won’t even feel like kissing me, what if you won’t even fancy me, I just hope you won’t get any nasty surprises”

My argument went something like “I don’t mind the distance and the waiting, but I cannot wait for someone who doesn’t encourage me to, what are you promising me or what are my guarantees for waiting for you? Anybody can meet someone else or anything could happen, you need to give me something to wait for, you ask me to be patient, yet you discourage my patience with your total absence and lack of contact or compassion, so I am taking my bets off the table and if fate has it we meet again – so be it”

This gentlemen holds precise and accurate information about my future (short term) plans, he knows where he can meet me and how. I am going to leave it to fate. If he shows up on the day of my arrival, then I will be happy to give it another try…I like this guy…I gave him up last night but I know in doing so I probably saved what we have. I feel there is some kind of cosmic reason for all of this…that or I am just hormonal and a bit erratic.

Things will unfold…I feel it in my bones….stay tuned.


  1. I waS CLEARLY hormonal...and did I mention I am a drama queen! well I guess its evident here.

  2. the distance thing doesn't work, complete waste of time unless feasible to meet in foreseeable future. also, it's not wise to oversee physical attributes, not that it should be the most important thing but let's not kid ourselves, it does count.

  3. Totally agree Tonton Dawood, distance relationships are a no no for me now unless as you say feasible to meet in foreseeable future.

    As for the physical attributes, well I just cannot overlook them, although I view Intelligence and a sense of humour as an aphrodisiac, I cannot overlook shortcomings on other departments...

  4. 'I expect some feedback – some form of return on my investment if you like… failure to receiving that – I withdraw all funds and investments' TOO RIGHT and I will go as far as withdrawing it IMMEDIATELY!

    A long-distance virtual relationship is doomed as there is no way to verify the authenticity of the identity of the other person, their true feelings or simply the existence of chemistry which is paramount.

    The guy seemed too aloof and off-putting so no loss here DZ-Banksy. As for the physical appearance, my mother often says 'la beaute ne se mange pas en salade'.....maybe not but I still will attempt to eat it so it is essential to be attracted to my partner.

    Thank you DZ-Chick, it's always a pleasure reading your blog.


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